I'm delighted to meet you!

    In 1992 I opened Allegheny Athletic Club in Warren. My fitness certification is through International Sports Science Association.  At my health club, I taught strength training and provided nutritional advice for ten fantastic years.

   In 2002 I began in-home personal training and pursued group exercise through classes at fitness facilities in the area. I love to help people improve their well being! I am an avid fitness buff and I encourage my clients to be enthused about their health and to seek exciting ways to feel their absolute best!                                                                                

   I was born in 1958 and have lived in Warren ever since. I live enthusiastically on a small ranch and ride horses with a passion. I hike, cross country ski and snowshoe to my heart's desire. I have been a vegetarian since 1974 and I eat extremely healthy. The rest of my time is spent caring for animals I have rescued and I always have a menagerie of rags to riches pets who bring me great joy. I walk my talk.   

    In February 2016, Grace United Methodist opened wide the doors of Grace Fitness! This program is the combination of love, ambition and sincerity toward the Church and our community. Everyone is welcome and will be delighted with the comfortable surroundings. I personally guarantee you will have a professional education of the physical approach to exercise, improved nutrition and dynamic health.

    My Yoga classes are enthusiastic and I try to inspire people to know their bodies. We change from the inside out. Through these classes, I teach the wonderful dynamics of how our anatomy works. I have a different theme at each class and we explore ways to incorporate this into our busy lives. Some of the themes are myofascial release,  spinal alignment, core muscle recruitment and the dynamics of flight or fight in relation to rest and digest. My classes instill a relaxing sense of self and I always hope the wonderful balance of strength and gracefulness will enhance my client's lives. I invite you to join. Men and women of all ages are welcome and I carefully accommodate health issues. I approach yoga through the lens of Christianity. Always count on fulfilling conversations about God, the Bible and His presence in our lives.

    Healing yoga is simply invaluable. It is uncomplicated and effective. Our busy lives often result in overthinking and over processing to an extent that exhausts the body. Allowing ourselves an hour a week to release tension and restore our sense of peace is a practical choice to disengage from overdrive. Post trauma stress disorder and other traumas release their grip on us when we give the body subtle cues to reintroduce our energy in a positive dynamic. Interestingly, people who are balanced and energetic also experience a delightful response from this class. I am fascinated with the communication within the body and the honesty of its reaction to our emotions. I would be thrilled to travel with you along this healthy journey. The kindness of a Christian approach is the finishing touch. You will likely feel the presence of God's healing with every class you attend.

    As your fitness trainer, I am very concerned with your progress and approaching any obstacles or challenges you may have in reaching your goals. The Total Fitness classes are designed to provide you with steady improvement in your muscle tone and your metabolism. I spend a great deal of our time discussing nutrition and weight control issues. I emphasize choosing whole foods and having an awareness of  the impact our choices make with our health. The topics I cover include the effects of exercise on bone density, depression, chronic pain and slowing down the aging process. If you have a health concern, I guarantee I will do everything to the best of my ability to achieve significant results.



    Both my personal training and my classes are a safe alternative to anyone recovering from an injury or surgery and who feels ready to increase their activity level. If you have completed physical therapy and wish to pursue the next level, I am well versed in exercise therapy and will assist you with your goals. My first step is "let's move!"



    There is immense hidden treasure 

        to be found in our challenges.

           Abundant life is made possible

                through abundant love.

      If you have questions about becoming a vegetarian, I am here for you!