COVID-19 Response     Our classes continue to remain on hold until we enter a risk free time and environment. Please contact me personally at          814-730-9996 if you have questions. I dearly miss everyone and would enjoy hearing from you. Please stay safe and treasure your health. 

Susan Toombs, Certified Fitness Trainer

International Sports Science Association

    I would be honored to assist you in your quest to achieve greater health. I have been teaching exercise in the Warren area since 1992. I have a well orchestrated approach to fitness that involves personal training, group exercise and YogaFit classes. My passion toward healthy eating and environmentally sound lifestyle choices is paramount to my training philosophy. 

    The fitness classes focus on strength training, cardio endurance, improved balance and better stamina. The classes are invigorating and educational.

    The personal training is an effective method to fast track your progress. I use a strategic exercise plan and nutritional counseling. We address an eating plan to control weight and to improve dynamic energy.

    Years of working with all types of exercise and health concerns have given me a direct and effective approach to most health issues and obstacles to exercise. No matter how you feel when you walk through the door, I can honestly tell you that I will do my best to encourage and motivate you to make a difference. Sometimes knowing another person cares is the strongest draw to evaluating where you need to be.


A healthy mind, spirit and body combine

to make a person whole.

An exercise and healing program

based around God's love and guidance

is a trustworthy approach to

improved health and energy.

Grace Fitness was designed to meet

most every need or challenge you

have to feel your best.

I am strong in energy for God and for you!

See what a difference it makes

to be surrounded by a dedicated group

of people who have your

best interests at heart.

You will be delighted to find

a sincere fellowship of people

willing to encourage you!



These classes offer the traditional poses in a format designed to redefine your physique.

The pose accuracy and the attention to detail are key

to improving your everyday patterns of movement.

There is a pleasant emphasis on

strengthening the core of the body.

You will enjoy these classes if you are new to yoga

or if you already include yoga in your life.

Please consider treating yourself to a

one on one session.

There is a good chance you will love this!


This style of yoga celebrates the brain's ability to

heal and restore the body through movement.

I am certified in YogaFit Warrior Training which offers an improved body awareness that

reduces stress in a trauma sensitive manner.

We use a specific sequence of movements to

balance the emotions and create a sense of calmness.

Body based healing helps us to rewire the brain

from its overdrive to find joy in our lives.

Post trauma stress disorder is a unique stressor

of our military and their families.

PTSD is addressed in a specific manner with

an honest intent to effectively bring peace into our lives. The environment of this class is quiet and reassuring with great respectfulness toward each individual.

You will feel positive results even if you only have

a very real need to simply rest! 


If you want your horse to be an athlete,

you should be one, too.

I have a great exercise routine to improve

your balance and give you more

stamina in the saddle.

Maintain peak performance with your riding

skills by developing better

equilibrium and balance.

When we think about the pressure we ask

our horses to carry on their spine, we need to

be as attentive as possible to their comfort.

We put a demand on another creature's well being

and we assume they will adapt.

However, if you weigh more than you should

or your stabilizer muscles aren't strong,

your horse absorbs that stress.

Kindness and compassion should always be

our first thought in our animal relationships.

I love working with people who work with animals.

Your horse will thank you!